About Us

In today’s fast paced world we need information at our finger tips. Waiting for hours or days for someone to reply to e-mails or calls is just not an option anymore. So how does a business ensure that the target audience gets all the information about the business easily and effectively? This is where a virtual platform comes into the picture. A business or service provider needs to simply register with the platform and then send invitations to its clients so that on a pre arranged date and time, the representatives of the business can simply come online and interact with ‘n’ number of prospective clients effortlessly.

Virtual Fair is one such platform developed specifically for the student enrollment market. A VF has multiple universities participating; each one gets a dedicated booth or chat room. A student wishing to attend this fair must first register for it during which his profile is created. Depending on his profile he gets a list of universities that suit him. As per his requirements or preferences he can choose to contact any university and enter that booth without booking any slots. Also if a university is giving a Webinar the student can attend that as well. Universities can have multiple representatives at one booth and each representative can view the student profiles when they enter the booth. This profile viewing facility helps universities identify whether the student is a good match in terms of qualification, GPA, etc.

To summarize a Virtual Fair facilitates universities by providing a showcasing platform for exhibiting their services and also the students by an opportunity to interact with the university representatives and getting first hand information.