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Education in Italy is highly esteemed with a wide range of excellent academic institutions throughout Italy welcoming students to study almost any subject imaginable. Italy has played an important academic role as one of the catalysts in reforming Europe's higher education. Students in Italy gain valuable knowledge not only within the classroom, but also through everyday life in this dynamic, incredible place. How is the education system in Italy ? First Cycle: Bachelors degrees in Italy (3 years) and Single-cycle degrees (5-6 years) Second Cycle: Masters degrees in Italy (2 years) and 1st Level vocational masters What are the international tuition fees in Italy ? The tuition fees ranges from 2000 euro-4000 euro since this varies from one university to another and also depends on the chosen course of study. How are the part-time/full-time JOB opportunities in Italy ? Compared to other European Countries like France, Germany , etc. Its LESS! You require Italian Language and exceptional command in English. Part-Time Jobs are rare. What about Post-Study Work VISA after Graduation ? If you manage to secure a JOB before or after graduation, you have the opportunity to convert your visa from Student to Work

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Study In Slovenia

Slovenia has undergone several legislative and structural changes, rapid institutional development and a significant increase in student numbers and has become an interesting and desired country for many foreign students and high school pupils. Universities, faculties and art academies in Slovenia offer a wide range of courses and provide infrastructure and teaching facilities that meet industry standards and expectations. The country offers employment opportunities in agriculture, fishing, forestry and even financial services apart from service and industry sectors.

Study Programmes Offered

Tourism, Medicine, Management, Technology

Study In Spain

Spain has a long and rich tradition of higher education, and therefore their institutions areconsistently well ranked. In the 2018 QS World University Rankings, 11 Spanish institutions
are ranked in the top 500.Tourism sector is one of the most prominent ones in the country closely followed by the service sector and the high-tech industry all looking for specific skill
sets from a potential candidate providing a lucrative opportunity to the international students.

Study Programmes Offered

Tourism, Medicine, Management, Technology

Study in Netherlands

The Netherlands was the first non-native English speaking country to offer courses taught in English to international students. International students can study programmes in Dutch or English, making it a great option for studying abroad. Not only will you be part of a highly international student body, but the educational institutions in the Netherlands are renowned for being some of the best in the world.

Study Programmes Offered

Applied Sciences, Arts Design & Architecture, Business Management

Study in Belgium

Sitting right in the heart of Europe, Belgium is wonderfully multicultural and would be a fantastic choice for any international student. Known for its high quality of life, healthcare
and education, the country ranks as one of the safest and most peaceful cities in the world.As a student you will experience a fantastic quality of life with a cosmopolitan feel.

Study Programmes Offered

Architecture, Marketing, Finance, Philosophy

Study in Croatia

Croatia is a nature rich country with rocky hills, fertile agricultural lands, lush flowing rivers and dense forests. There are 128 higher education institutions in Croatia providing undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees. All full time students who want to work in Croatia (including international students) have the opportunity to do so. There are also
numerous opportunities to explore whilst on your downtime in Croatia – from the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik to the pristine island beaches to the capital city of Zagreb, etc.

Study Programmes Offered

Arts, Engineering, Economics

Study in Latvia

Due to its unique location, it has been influenced by the varied traditions of its neighbouring countries, thus offering a multi-cultural experience for students taking up an education in
Latvia. Research in Latvia is advanced in the fields of chemistry, medicine and materials science, with new developments in renewable energy, computer programming, engineering and agriculture.The processing industry, sales and commercial services are some of the major sectors of employment in Latvia.

Study Programmes Offered

Arts & Architecture, Business Management, Computer Science

Study in Austria

Austria contains many snowfields, glaciers, and snow capped peaks, Forests and woodlands.Offering an exceptionally developed social market economy, diverse employment opportunities and one of the highest standards of living in the world, Austria is among the top 15 richest countries in the world. With a thriving tourism industry, fascinating historical landmarks and beautiful mountainous scenery, Austria remains popular with European and overseas vacationers as well as students wanting to pursue higher educational degrees from a prestigious Austrian university.

Study Programmes Offered

Business Studies, Tourism Performing Arts, language Studies

Study in Poland

Poland is a fascinating country that serves as the geographical and cultural crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. The Polish higher education system is well developed and the
quality of the education provided is monitored and regularly evaluated. EU citizens can work for any company in Poland after graduation without a work permit. Non-EU students may
seek employment and, once they are offered a job, may apply for a work permit.

Study Programmes Offered

Engineering, Business, Agricultural science and Social Sciences

Study in Sweden

Sweden is sustainable, innovative and home to the Nobel Prize. Everyone is Sweden speaks English making it a perfect study and living destination for students and professionals alike.Many degree programmes in Sweden include internships, which are a great way to get real-world experience while you build your professional network. Sweden is home to the largest number of multinationals per capita of any country in the world and is the birthplace of many world-conquering companies – including IKEA, TetraPak, Volvo, Ericsson,AstraZeneca and H&M.

Study Programmes Offered

Business Studies, Tourism Performing Arts, language Studies

Study in Turkey

Turkey is considered as a bridge between Europe and Asia, a multicultural country located in South-eastern Europe. Turkish universities are held in high regard, with 5 schools in the top 400 world-wide, according to the 2012 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Students pursuing programs in any academic discipline will find a safe, welcoming and rewarding multicultural environment that is a bridge between western and middle-eastern cultures. Turkish higher education institutions are known for high quality relative to low tuition and many programs are taught in English.

Study Programmes Offered

Business Studies, Law, Healthcare

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Why study in Europe?

  1.             World class education: reach your full potential
  2.             Choice: vast option of courses at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level
  3.             Career: business, engineering, medicine, IT, etc.
  4.             Languages: study in English or another leading global business language
  5.             Cultural experience: have a unique adventure
  6.             Scholarships and costs: get value for money
  7.             Diversity: study the way you want

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