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Tuesday 16 April From 09:00 To 11:00 (CET)
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Slovakia provides for ten years of mandatory education. Students enter primary education in their 6th year, second primary education will take them from 10-15 years of age and “high” schools are for those 16 and older until they reach university age. Most Universities in Slovakia are government owned and operated although since 1990 there are more private and religious options. These “Private Spice” forms of higher education remain rare in the country. These are privately financed schools of higher education that are privately operated but approved by the Ministry of Education. Studying in Slovakia offers cultural opportunities that may not be seen in other countries. Still emerging after decades of communist rule, higher education in Slovakia is a study in a society, economics, and an educational system that continues to emerge. Stage 1 “Bachelor” Programmes last 3 to 4 years. A Stage 2 “Masters” programme will last an additional 1 to 3 years. Doctorland programmes can take an additional 3 to 4 years. Slovakia provides for higher education for its students at no charge.

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The Slovak Republic brings you natural landscapes, mountains, caves, medieval castles and towns, folk architecture, spas and ski resorts. Widely recognised as an economical study destination world over, Slovakia offers a unique study abroad experience to its international students. The main industries in the country include vehicle and electronic manufacturing, however recently tourism and agriculture has started occupying a sizable employment share in the Slovakian market providing quality job prospects to students.

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  1. Independent of time and space
  2. Live video conferencing  unique profiles of every host
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Why study in Europe?

  1.             World class education: reach your full potential
  2.             Choice: vast option of courses at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level
  3.             Career: business, engineering, medicine, IT, etc.
  4.             Languages: study in English or another leading global business language
  5.             Cultural experience: have a unique adventure
  6.             Scholarships and costs: get value for money
  7.             Diversity: study the way you want

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